How To Do A Basic Tarot Reading

Every Tarot card reader will have a different approach on how to conduct a tarot card reading. As a beginner, it might seem as if like there is SO MUCH to take in! Let alone the nervousness to get every tarot reading correct, whether you are giving a reading for yourself, a friend or even a family member. With our tarot card reading guide, we will guide you each step of the way. With a little bit of work and some practice, you will be learning to read tarot cards for beginners.

We, at Tarot Mania, are going to show you some ideas that will get you started on learning to read tarot cards for beginners. It is okay for you to take none, some or all of this advice on board.

Get your Own Deck of Cards

It is almost impossible to start a tarot reading without a deck of cards. So the first thing you need to do is make your way to your local bookstore or occult shop to find a deck that suits your divination purposes.

When shopping for one, make an effort to get a feel for the deck by touching the cards or inspect the illustrations that are shown on the box. Get a deck that attracts you -- use your intuition. The best deck to start off with is the "Rider-Waite Tarot."

Become familiar with your Tarot Deck

Any deck you use should have 78 cards -- 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana. As a rule, tarot decks come with a detailed instruction booklet that provides the meaning of each card. Become familiar with all the cards in your deck by studying the pictures and the meaning of each. Learn each of them by heart so when you come to do your reading, the cards aren't unfamiliar to you.

Create a space for your readings

Each and every tarot reader needs a comfortable space to set out their deck. Find a space where you will not be distracted by noise from the street, TV, other people etc. This will give you a better opportunity to align yourself with your cards and to give an accurate reading.

Start your reading

  • Let your Questions and Feelings surface
  • After you have purchased your deck and familiarized yourself with all the images, created your special place for your reading, you are ready to start. Remember that tarot reading can aid you with any tough decision in your life. So loosen up and let your questions and feelings surface.

    Keep the questions straightforward, for example "What is going to happen over the next year? " or "Is it the right choice for me to apply for this job?"

  • Select a card spread - 3-card tarot spread
  • After you or your sitter has established the questions you need answers to, you will need to select the spread you are going to use for your reading. There are several types of Tarot spreads available to work with, but taking into consideration the fact that you are only a novice. The best spread to start off with is the 3-card tarot spread. This tarot spread is designed to answer questions about the past, present and future on literally any topic under the sun.

    For the 3 card tarot spread, shuffle the Minor Arcana deck several times and split it into 3 small piles, each facing down. Then pick up the top card from each pile and place them on the table one by one, left to right.

    Now look through the cards that you have placed in front of you from left to right. Identify the reactions that come to mind when you see the images. Do this before you probe into the meaning that each card has in store. Think about things like emotions, feelings, symbols, objects, and colour if any of them are present. What is your instant response to these things? Then you can start to reveal the story and meaning of each card.

    The first card signifies the physical realm, what is going on in the physical earthly world for him or her (or you).

    The second card signifies the emotional realm, what is in the person's mind (or yours) that is looming. Possibly something that is unexpressed or keeping them/you back.

    The third card acts for the spiritual realm. This card is time and again a message from the spirit realm.

  • Answer Your Question
  • After you have completed the reading, take a few minutes to reflect on the spread. Get back to your original questions and feelings and answer it based on what you have discovered within the cards. Let the reading sink in, then be thankful, clear your cards and store it in a secure and safe location.

To give tarot readings for yourself and friends is the ideal way to exploit your sixth sense and get the answers you could do with. Retrieve your inner wisdom, obtain guidance and enhance your life, each time you seek advice from the Tarot. Whether it's regarding day-to-day concerns or deep spiritual matters, you will find your answers in tarot.